Jason Berube has been exploring the Maya's Ritual Calendar for over 25 years.  His inexhaustible passion has lead him to travel all over Meso-America, visiting sacred sites and learning from indigenous teachers. He holds a Master's Degree in Cultural Mythology, from Prescott College, AZ and has been a consultant for Mayan exhibits at the Peabody Essex Museum, in Salem MA. As well as being well-versed in the ancient history of Maya kingdoms, he also knows the history of Guatemaya and its people (the Maya youth of today claim where they live is not "mala/bad", but is still full of Maya!)  The resurgence of the Ritual Calendar is a main inspiration for this cultural revival!



The Ritual Calendar provides a map of the different energies flowing through our lives.  It consists of 20 Life Energies, or Nawales that each repeat 13 times, completing a full ritual cycle  every 9 months.  Learning which day of the cycle a person is born on helps us navigate our lives with greater ease.  It provides a context for our strengths and weakness in how we interact with our past; ancestors and elders and our future; youth and our destiny.  It also provides insights on how we interact with our masculine qualities/physical dimension/ men in our lives, as well as our feminine qualities/intuitive dimension and the women in our lives.  We also carry characteristics of the energy of the 13-day period we were born into.  Knowing these symbols and one's relationship to them is a powerful way to gain self-mastery!  It is also an excellent way to organize one's days, in harmony with the cosmic energies that flow through life! 

Jason is skilled at calculating Mayan birth charts and sharing the insights they reveal.  A full birth chart session lasts about 2 hrs and costs $250.00.  Included with the reading is a custom, hand-drawn "Mayan Cross" using the Life Signs that illuminate each part of one's birth chart.  Jason is willing to provide a sliding scale for appropriate parties.  He is also able to do couples and family charts, accomplished by adding the numbers of each person's sign.  This produces a composite energy, providing insights into relationships.  The cost of these readings is determined by the number of parties involved.

Jason has a special connection with the energies of the Ritual Calendar.  He is able to listen to their messages and share what he hears.  He offers spiritual consultations for those with focused life goals, as well as those who are just flowing with things.  The first card of the goal-oriented spread reflects one's spirit intention with getting involved with the goal (which may be unconscious), the second card reflects a potential obstacle (in achieving one's goals) and the third, something that can help overcome the obstacle.  The first card of the flow-oriented spread reflects the lessons one has mastered (to focus your strengths), the second card reflects what one is learning now (to help recognize it) and the third, what that is preparing one for. Then a number card is picked to help "ground" the reading, as well as a "Lense" card, which adds an overarching perspective to the reading.

These 5-card readings last about 20 minutes and cost $60.  He is willing to work with a sliding scale for appropriate parties.



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